Western Psychological Association

2014 Addendum — Corrections and Additions to the Program


Official Addendum to the 2014 WPA Program

Volume 94, Number 1                                                                                                                      April 24-27, 2014



WPA welcomes you to the 94th Annual Convention

Please Visit Our Exhibitors

Exhibits are open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:00am-4:30pm

Exhibits are located with the posters in the Exhibit Hall down the stairs on the Lower Level


Conversation Hours for Students

The WPA Student Council has scheduled student conversation hours with some of our speakers. Please see the convention program for more information on the presentations.

Thursday 1:30-2:30pm         Dr. Victoria Follette, Portland Room; her President’s Address is Friday afternoon at 4:30: “Life After Trauma: Lessons From My Clients and Life”

 Friday 12-1pm                      Dr. Jennifer Freyd, Portland Room, following her talk.

 Friday 12-1pm                      Dr. Anthony Biglan, Eugene Room, following his talk.

 Friday 3:15-4:15pm              Dr. Frank Bernieri, Portland Room, following his talk.


Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education credits are available for selected sessions at the convention. A link to an information sheet is on the WPA website convention page. Credits will not be issued until you also complete registration on the WPA website. See schedule link with quick links at westernpsych.org


Name Badges and Neck Cords

WPA is providing neck cords and ribbons in addition to clip-on or pin name badges. We encourage you to make a voluntary contribution to the WPA student scholarship fund when you pick up your neck cord and ribbon. Also, please RECYCLE your neck cord and badge holder.


Welcome Coffee Hour for Students – Friday Morning

A welcome reception for students will be held on Friday morning at 7:30 in the Portland Room. Meet other students participating in WPA and get answers to any questions you may have about the convention. Coffee and light goodies will be served.


Program Changes, Additions, and Corrections

 Thursday, April 24

Page 56      Poster 1-20 has moved to Poster 8-58.

Page 58      Poster 1-36 has been cancelled.

Page 65      Poster addition:

3 – 12         EASE-OF-RETRIEVAL, THE EQUALITY NORM, AND BARGAINING DECISIONS, Don Choi & Dominique Carter (California State University, East Bay)

Page 65      Poster 3-8 has been cancelled.

Page 66      Poster 3-23 has been cancelled.

Page 68      Poster 3-36 has moved to Poster 13-55.

Page 93      Poster 6-4 has been cancelled.

Page 102    Corrected reference: EVALUATION OF THE DBT-CLINICIAN-SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM, Marivi Navarro-Haro (University of Washington), Magda Rodriguez Gonzalez (Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington), Kathryn E. Korslund,  Tianying Chen, Max Z. Liebowitz & Marsha M. Linehan (University of Washington)

 Friday, April 25

Page 115    Michael Webster cancelled his presentation on visual perception at 8:30 due to an accident.

Page 124    Poster 8-48. Author correction: Add Vienna Brambila & Christopher Mayfield.

Page 137    11:15 Paper has been cancelled. Other papers at 11:00, 11:20, and 11:40.

Page 153    Poster 10-10. Author spelling: Tesalee Sensibaugh.

Page 155:   Poster 10-40. Author correction:

10 – 40       SEEING RED: THE EFFECTS OF LIGHTING AND COLOR ON COMPETITIVE PERFORMANCE, Mark O. Afable, Michael O. Afable & Christie L. Day (California State University, Sacramento)

Page 165    Poster 11-21. Author correction: Marissa R. Wollard, Adrian M. Valadez, Tamisa M. Phillips, Evelyn E. Ayala, David V. Chavez

Saturday, April 26

Page 183    Poster 12-28. Add to author list:  Ian Williamson

Page 190    8:15 Paper. Add third author: Michael E. Mills (Loyola Marymount University).

Page 214    Poster 14-33 has been cancelled.

Page 223    12:15 Paper has been cancelled. Other papers at 12:00, 12:20, and 12:40.

Page 235    2:00 Paper. Author correction: Yao-Chung Chang (National Changhua University of Education & Changhua County Sijhou Junior High School).

Page 236    Posters 16-7 & 16-13 moved to 16-57 & 16-58.

Sunday, April 27

Page 269    Symposium: Process of Developing a Non-Stigmatizing Positive Environment. Chair: Bradley Donohue, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Page 270    Author change:

FOR THE CULTURE OF COLLEGE ATHLETICS, Kimberly N. Schubert & Michelle Pitts
(University of Nevada, Las Vegas)



Page 309    Smith, Michael J. should be listed in the Index for Page 212.


Note: An undetected computer error resulted in the deletion of apostrophes and/or quotation punctuation in numerous titles. We apologize – please recognize that these errors were beyond the control of the authors.