Western Psychological Association

Proposed Change to the WPA Bylaws

1985 Bylaws                 Proposed 2017 Bylaws

The Board of Directors of WPA proposes changes to our 1985 bylaws for the first time in more than 30 years.  This revision allows us to adopt modern corporate bylaws that reflect the workings of the association as we now operate, and that make it easier to make adjustments to the bylaws as needed in the future.  This revision was done in consultation with experienced attorneys to ensure consistency with California law. The proposed bylaws must be approved by a majority of those voting if they are to take effect. The 1985 bylaws and the proposed new bylaws are available above for your examination (http://westernpsych.org/bylaws/). On June 15, 2017, an email ballot will be sent to all voting WPA members.

Although there are a number of changes, we would like to highlight two major ones:

First, the position of Secretary-Treasurer has been split into two positions because the duties of the positions are different, and each involves substantial work. The Treasurer will remain an elected voting member of the Board. The Secretary will be an appointed officer, rather than a voting Board member.  This allows us to avoid the possibility of a deadlocked, 3-to 3, Board vote.

Second, the Representative-at-Large will no longer need to be from outside of California, as is specified in the 1985 bylaws. The rationale for this proposal is that the Representative-at-Large is tasked with representing all WPA members. The Representative-at-Large recruits members for the Council of Representatives from institutions throughout the Western region, maintains an accurate list of members of the Council, and serves as a liaison between the Board and the Council. In the 1985 bylaws, the Representative-at-Large provided input from the “less populous areas of the Western Region.” However, the Representative-at-Large now works with the Council of Representatives, which includes all post-secondary institutions; thus, it seems appropriate to allow this Board member to come from anywhere in the Western Region.

If the proposed bylaws are approved, the WPA Board and Principal Officers of the Association will continue to work hard to represent you, without any financial compensation.

We hope that you will take the time to read the bylaws and to vote on them when the ballot is sent to members on June 15. If you have questions or comments on the proposed bylaws, please send them to tcronan@mail.sdsu.edu. Terry Cronan will answer any questions you have, and the Executive Board will review the comments.