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Center for Decision Research Call for Studies


The Center for Decision Research (CDR) at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is renewing our “call for studies” for Summer 2016.  We offer researchers at other institutions an opportunity to conduct behavioral science research in two of our laboratories – one on the UChicago campus (college student and community participants), and the other in downtown Chicago (≈50% college students from colleges and trade schools, ≈50% general public; very diverse in ethnicity and age).  Eligible studies will be added to our labs’ offerings to our participants, and we will cover all overhead costs (facilities and staffing costs) except for study materials and participant payment (typically, we pay $1 per every 5 minutes of participation).  Since beginning this initiative in the fall, we have run studies for researchers at 16 institutions in five different countries!

Priority will be given to studies that:

∙ Have, or are very close to having: 1) IRB approval at your institution, and 2) a protocol ready for us to submit to our local IRB for approval.

∙ Are non-urgent: we must prioritize research conducted by members of the CDR, so the studies you submit to us must be able to tolerate a somewhat variable pace of data collection.

∙  Are simple. We will offer basic research assistance, but cannot support complicated protocols that would require extensive RA training. If you are local and can provide your own trained RA(s), this requirement can be relaxed.  It is also possible for us to hire RAs to run more complex studies, if you are able to provide the necessary funds.

If you have one or more studies that you would like to run in our labs during this data collection drive, please complete the following online request form: http://www.chicagocdr.org/cdrlabrequest.html.

If you are interested in receiving information about future data collection drives from the CDR, you can sign up for our listserv: http://lists.chicagobooth.edu/mailman/listinfo/cdr_collaborators

Contact Rebecca White at rebecca.white@chicagobooth.edu with any questions you may have.