Western Psychological Association

Exhibits & Program Ads

convention-book-coversExhibiting and Advertising Information

Exhibitor Information for 2017 will be posted soon.  For any questions, please contact Lorraine Grogan at Lorraine.Grogan@conferencedirect.com

Exhibit booths are available at the WPA convention. Booths are located in a large room along with poster sessions. There are 5-6 poster sessions each day. An information packet will be available for download.

For more information or to receive information on pricing and a map of the exhibit space when it is available, contact Lorraine Grogan at grogan.wpa@gmail.com

You may support WPA with an advertisement in the WPA program booklet that every attendee receives.

For more information, contact Jeffery Mio at jsmio.wpa@gmail.com or Lorraine Grogan at grogan.wpa@gmail.com