Western Psychological Association

New — APA Education Blog and Twitter Feed

The Education Directorate is excited to announce our new blog, the Psych Learning Curve and our new Twitter account @APAEducation!

 Why did we decide to start a blog?

We know what a large and active community of educators, students, parents, and activists exist in the digital world and we realized that there wasn’t a single space dedicated to exploring the ways in which psychological science informs teaching and learning. Our blog does exactly that. It’s organized by you, the reader, and helps you discover blog posts based on your interests.

Both APA staff and outside experts will contribute to the blog that’s organized with dedicated sections specifically for teachers, students and parents. Popular blog posts have highlighted the 20 psychological principles to help students learn more effectively, a response to Governor Rick Scott’s challenge to psychology and navigating the possibilities with a degree in psychology.

What about Twitter?

There are so many wonderful resources online coming from a multitude of places. We started our Twitter to aggregate the best and latest information and opportunities for you: It’s a place to learn about what’s happening in the world of psychology in education and education psychology.

If you’re interested in contributing to Psych Learning Curve can do so by contacting Education Directorate staff directly.