Western Psychological Association

Stats Camp

Stats Camp was started in 2003 to meet the critical need for on-going education in advanced
statistical procedures employed by researchers, governments, institutions, and corporations.
Stats Camp is currently offering Winter Camp in Brea, CA and Mini Camps in Lubbock, TX. Mini Camps
are shorter versions of Stats Camp.
Stats Camp is an internationally recognized award winning educational event focused on advanced
statistical training at the graduate and post-graduate level. Each year, full week-long Stats
Camps, and two-day Mini Camps, are held at various locations throughout the world.

Winter Camp and Mini Camp courses are highly relevant to current trends and practices in modern
statistical analysis. Most courses offer practical “hands on” instruction to get students up to
speed fast and maximize knowledge takeaway. All Stats Camp Instructors are vetted and
selected from the very best in the field.
Combining Behavioral
& Design Research Using
Dec. 1-3

Introduction to Mplus
Instructor: Elizabeth Grandfield

Jan. 5-7
Variance-based Structural Equation Modeling
Instructor: Jorg Henseler
A 2.5 day Mini Camp focused on using Mplus. More and more researchers in the social and behavioral
sciences use, or want to use, Mplus to analyze their structural equation models. This course will
teach you how.
A 2.5 day Mini Camp featuring eleven lectures. The first
three lectures provide the conceptual foundation for confirmatory
Longitudinal Growth Modeling with Mplus Instructor: Kevin Grimm

factor analysis, confirmatory composite analysis, and structural equation modeling in genera.
This 2.5 day Mini Camp is a workshop in growth models with a focus on multilevel and structural
equation modeling.
Mediation, Moderation, &
Conditional Process Analysis
Instructor: Andrew F. Hayes

Jan. 5-7
Applied Latent Class Analysis
Instructor: Katherine Masyn

Mar. 9-11
This 2.5 day Mini Camp addresses intermediate to advanced topics in the analysis of moderation and
mediation using regression analysis,
An introduction to cross-sectional “person-centered” data analysis.
Multilevel Modeling

with an emphasis on the use of the PROCESS macro for SPSS and SAS.
Optimal Survey Design

Instructor: Audrey Leroux
Instructor: Larry R. Price
Jan. 5-7

Introduction to multilevel modeling analyses. HLM software is provided.
Propensity Score Methods
Instructor: Walter Leite
Theory and implementation of propensity score methods for

A 2.5 day Mini Camp that covers the foundations of optimal survey design. Learn proper methods for
systematic gathering of information from a sample group for the purposes of constructing
quantitative descriptors of the attributes of a larger population of which the sample group are
removing selection bias in analyses to estimate the effects of programs or conditions with
non-experimental data.
Practically Applied SEM featuring Mplus Instructor: Todd D. Little
Jan. 5-7
Quantile Regression
Instructor: Yaacov Petscher
2.5 day mini-camp will be a hands-on workshop where participants will learn about quantile
This 2.5 day Mini Camp is designed for life-science investigators, biostatisticians, program
evaluators, big-data analysts, and R & D researchers—anyone who needs to make valid inferences
using latent variable modeling procedures.

SEM Foundations and Extended Applications
Instructor: Todd Little and Elizabeth Grandfield
This is an intensive short course on the principles

Survival Analysis & Event History Models in Mplus Instructor: Katherine Masyn


of structural equation modeling. Read More at StatsCamp.org
A 2.5 day Mini Camp introduction to survival analysis and event history models in the general
latent variable modeling framework of Mplus.