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About the American Psychological Foundation (APF)
APF provides financial support for innovative research and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential both now and in generations to come.

Since 1953, APF has supported a broad range of scholarships and grants for students and early career psychologists as well as research and program grants that use psychology to improve people’s lives.

APF encourages applications from individuals who represent diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation.

About the Theodore Blau Early Career Award
Honoring the memory of clinical psychologist and former APA President, the Theodore Blau Early Career Award recognizes the accomplishments of early career professionals working in clinical psychology. Such accomplishments may take many forms including:
 Promotion of the practice through professional service
 Innovation in service delivery
 Novel application of applied research methodologies to professional practice
 Positive impact on health delivery systems
 Development of creative educational programs for practice
 Other creative activities that advance the service of the profession

Program Goals
The Theodore Blau Early Career Award
 Recognizes individuals for their work in clinical psychology at an early career stage
 Encourages continued growth and contribution to clinical psychology

One $4,000 award annually

Eligibility Requirements
 Nominations accepted from self or others
 Nominees no more than ten years post-doctoral degree

Evaluation Criteria
Nominations will be evaluated on:
 Nominee’s demonstrated accomplishments and promise in the field of clinical psychology

Nomination Requirements
 Nomination cover letter outlining relevant contributions
 Abbreviated current CV
 Up to two supporting letters of recommendation

Submission Process and Deadline
Submit a completed application online by November 1, 2015.


Inquiries should be directed to the Division 12 Central Office at 303-652-3126 or div12apa@comcast.net

Please be advised that APF does not provide feedback to grant applicants or award nominees on their proposals or nominations.

Questions about this program should be directed to Samantha Edington, Program Officer, at sedington@apa.org.