Western Psychological Association

Western Psychological Foundation

The Western Psychological Foundation (WPF) is affiliated with WPA. WPF receives, holds, and distributes donations to support WPA. These donations are made to acknowledge outstanding psychological research by students, to encourage students to pursue the study of psychology, and to honor extraordinary research and service in psychology and related disciplines.

A major activity of WPF is to administer the Student Scholarship Fund that recognizes outstanding student research at the WPA convention. Donations to scholarship funds are deposited with the WPF which oversees financial management of those funds to ensure their preservation and to maximize their investment return. WPF distributes from its accounts the funding for the student scholarship awards, research grants, and program development. These allocations are made in accordance with the standards designated by donors and established by WPF.

Examples of the awards and grants administered by WPF include the Robert L. Solso Research Awards, the E.E. Jones Award for Research in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology, the Christina Maslach – Philip Zimbardo Award for Social Psychlogy Research, the Gottfried WPA Student Research Award in Developmental Psychology, and the Scott C. Fraser Applied Psychology & Law Research Award. If you are interested in finding out more about establishing a WPF fund, please contact the WPA Office.

WPF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to WPF are fully tax-deductible.