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2017 Award Winners


Meet the WPA 2017 Award Winners

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WPA Outstanding Teaching Award

The WPA Outstanding Teaching Award is given to a senior-level WPA member (minimum of 10 years in the field) who has demonstrated leadership in teaching and mentoring.  Such evidence can come in the form of publications on teaching, grant awards for teaching, teaching awards from one’s campus or other regional, national, or international associations, and demonstrated effectiveness in teaching and mentoring of students.  Previous Recipients.

WPA Early Career Research Award

The WPA Early Career Research Award is given to a WPA member relatively new in her/his career (10 years or fewer post-Ph.D.) who has demonstrated outstanding promise in research.  Such promise can be demonstrated through success in publishing articles, chapters, and books and through success in obtaining grants for research. Previous Recipients.

WPA Social Responsibility Award

The WPA Social Responsibility Award is given to an individual in recognition of substantial and influential work that facilitates peace, freedom, social justice, and/or protection of this planet’s natural environment. Previous Recipients.

WPA Enrico E. Jones Award for Research in Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology

This award honors the late Professor Enrico E. Jones of the University of California at Berkeley. The purpose of this award is to recognize the scholarship of an early career psychotherapy researcher (10 years or fewer post-Ph.D.), broadly defined as research in clinical psychology that has applications to psychotherapy. Previous Recipients.

WPA Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes the lifetime of outstanding achievements in teaching, research, and professional involvement by a WPA member. Previous Recipients.

WPA Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions that have been instrumental in fulfilling the mission and goals of the Western Psychological Association. Previous Recipients.

WPA Fellows

The WPA Fellows Program honors those members of WPA who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to psychology through research, teaching, or service to the profession. WPA Fellow status is awarded to existing Fellows in APA or APS and members of the National Academy of Sciences or the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on their request. Fellow status is also awarded on the basis of nomination, including self-nomination. Candidates will be considered after ten years of postdoctoral contributions.

Nomination Procedure for WPA Awards and WPA Fellows

To be considered for an award to be conferred at the WPA conference in the spring, a letter of nomination (may be a self-nomination) describing the qualifications of the nominee along with a current Curriculum Vita of the nominee and two supporting letters must be received the Chair of the WPA Awards Committee no later than January 2 (contact information below).

The nomination letter should include contact information for the people who will each provide a letter of support. It is the responsibility of the nominator to assure that supporting letters are received by the awards chair by January 2, preferably by email.

WPA Fellow nominations that are based upon Fellow status in APA, APS, or membership in the National Academy of Sciences or the American Academy of Arts and Sciences do not require any additional letters of support. Nominations based upon research contributions must include a current Curriculum Vita of the nominee and two supporting letters, at least one from a current WPA Fellow.

All nomination materials should be sent by email with attachments to Dr. Mark Costanzo, Chair, WPA Awards and Fellows Committee, at mark.costanzo@cmc.edu. Please identify all correspondence concerning a WPA award nomination with a Subject: line that begins with “WPA Award …”
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